Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BULLDOG MUSEUM, - where we go-


Last week we went to a really interesting place.

bulldog sign

It is called BULLDOG Museum and it is an open air exibition of all kind of vintage, antique, nostalgic, retro' bits and pieces.


There are a lot of old tools for the agricolture, tractors, machines, wheels


but also vintage tin signs, ceramics, pottery, and all kinds of strange things.

old tractor

The owner is a metal artist and he does a lot of funky assemblage. look at this tractor...

old tractor, detail


I love this typical austrian house. Isn' t it very cozy?

typical steryan house

house facade

and here comes a carillon player

carrillon player

old tractor

Styrian Musician
I I leave you with this last pic of these two very sweet musicians and singers.
They played amazing.

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