Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall is behind the corner.

I just realized that summer is almost finished.... and autumn is just behind the corner...
I am a bit sad cause I love the summer, but I am also looking forward the cozy days of autumn, with their sweet sunsets lights and their chilled morning air.
 The afternoons spent making marmelades, painting and reading next to the fireplace.


Today , we had a storm, with rain and I had to take out my gum boots again....
it is gumboots time again.
 Around here it gets all muddy from now on, because my garden is not really finished yet and I miss the tiles in the  pathways, so they end up becoming little rivers of mud .

Apart for that, I love this time and the harvesting of so many gifts of nature...


I already harvested some of my Hokkaido pumpkins. They are delicious.... and I am looking forward sharing some good recipes with you.


Our apple trees have been very generous too. We did not harvest yet, but the early apples are already in the baskets, waiting in the cool of our CANTINA , to become apple juice, dried apple chips or simply to be eaten as they are... yummi!!


and last ... grapes.... they are almost ripe.... last year I made loads of grape jam. Delicious!
What will I make this year?

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  1. hallo sweety
    happy that you cant wait for autum..........its gona come for sure......

    nice pictures........