Sunday, September 4, 2011

Full Moon at Riegesburg

full moon


it is always special for me a full moon night...
maybe because I am a woman and we are soo much influenced by the moon.
My son is born in a full moon night and it was so magical.
Actually he had long, black hair on his ears for many months after birth... and I started to think that maybe because he was born in a full moon night he might have had something of a lycanthrope..... eheheh scary... but then he lost all the hair ...


When I think of full moon I think about magical woods, witches and wizards, medieval castles, ghosts, proud knights on their horses, jesters and jongleurs, kings and queens....


I love Mittelalter time.


In Germany and Austria and also the north of Italy there are quite many medieval festivals along the summer.


Last Full Moon of august we went to this really magical one, in Austria, in a castle called Riegesburg .
The castle is on top of a mountain, in a really strategic position, it has two defensive walls with two drawbridges.

Riegesburg, inside

Inside there was organized a beautiful medieval setting, with market, medieval food and knights fighting on their horse, witches and gypsies reading the hand, storytellers, jesters and acrobats.

Riegesburg, baroque room

We also took a tour of the inside rooms, some of them had been renewed in the Baroque time...


.... a legend says that there is a ghost walking around the castle in the night...


All around the castle walls there were colorful teints and musicians and knights in their armor




The gypsy read the future on my hand.
We ate some good food with our hands and listen to the bagpipers.
It was a magical day and then came the full moon.


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  1. nice fiesta ..

    i am waiting for new stories of INDIANA GIAComo......

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