Thursday, March 31, 2011

TUTORIAL: how to make your own cheese

Making your own cheese is fun, easy and super healthy.
This is what you need:
5 liters of fresh milk ( coming directly from the cow... muuuu !!!)
20 drops of rennet
thermometer for liquids
big metal pan
cheese molde

Ready steady Go....

Put the milk in the pan with the thermometer and...

close the heat.
Mix 20 drops of rennet in a glass of water and add it to the warm milk.
Stir well, close the pan with a lid and let it rest for about one hour.
with the knife or something similar
pour it in your cheese molde to separate whey from curd and
a few hours, maybe overnight.
Massage it with salt and put it in the fridge for two days until it looses all the whey.
After two days massage it with EV olive oil.
At this point you can:
-take the cheese to a cool, dry place and let it ripe for a few weeks/months, paying attention to turn it everyday and to massage it often with EV olive oil.
-take the cheese to your dining table and eat it!!!