Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BULLDOG MUSEUM, - where we go-


Last week we went to a really interesting place.

bulldog sign

It is called BULLDOG Museum and it is an open air exibition of all kind of vintage, antique, nostalgic, retro' bits and pieces.


There are a lot of old tools for the agricolture, tractors, machines, wheels


but also vintage tin signs, ceramics, pottery, and all kinds of strange things.

old tractor

The owner is a metal artist and he does a lot of funky assemblage. look at this tractor...

old tractor, detail


I love this typical austrian house. Isn' t it very cozy?

typical steryan house

house facade

and here comes a carillon player

carrillon player

old tractor

Styrian Musician
I I leave you with this last pic of these two very sweet musicians and singers.
They played amazing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Plitvice National Park - WHERE we GO

Hello there
I am back again.
I know I have been away for long time...
This year my Soul and the rhythm of my life do not let me spend much time with the computer.

I hope I can post more constantly with the beginning of fall.

Plitvice lakes national Park

We have just come back from a trip by car through ex Jugoslavia.

Really dramatic landscapes.
we did not do highway but we took the little side streets to see better the landscapes and the little villages.

Plitvice lakes national Park

Our first stop was Plitvice National Park in a rainy day.

Plitvice lakes national Park

The rain gave a even more magical atmosphere to these woods.

Plitvice lakes national Park

We really loved it, and kept our eyes open to see bears but we did not see any...

Plitvice lakes national Park

Anyway the waterfalls and the lakes of the park are awesome.

Plitvice lakes national Park

Some lakes are housing gigant trees that are fallen in the water and they create a incredible underwater landscape.

Plitvice lakes national Park